Fellowship Groups

The driving force behind Bay Area Outreach Ministries is our Fellowship Groups. Members of this ministry are the heartbeat of Bay Area Outreach. They are the GO TO people when new members want to start a Fellowship Group. They make sure new group hosts meet the following guidelines:

Be Committed - Make a commitment to host every week whether you feel like it or not. Consistency builds trust.

Be Engaged - Engage with their Fellowship Group attendees outside of their weekly meeting. Whether it is coffee or a phone call, be accessible. Email, text, and call when you know your Fellowship Group attendees are having a tough day.

Be Loving - Send cards; use a calendar to plug in their birthdays and anniversaries. Offer to watch people's kids so they can have a  date night; share a book that touched your life. 

Be Aware - Know what they do for a living, know their struggles, learn the children's names, and know their hobbies, etc. Knowing your Fellowship Group attendees shows that you care.

Be Prayerful - Each week pray for your Fellowship Group attendees. Know them well enough to pray specifically for them and what life issues they are facing.


Be a Resource - You cannot answer every question or issue that arises; however, you can recommend resources that will help. Know where to send people who have marriage, financial or theological questions.

Be Themselves - Make sure they can be the person that God has wired them to be. Do not try to act in a way that is unnatural to them. Do not try to be funny if that is not them. Encourage them to just be themselves and they will ?nd hosting a Fellowship Group refreshing and renewing each week.

Becoming a Fellowship/Bible Study group host, simply email us the area where you live and make sure we have your name, address, phone number, and email. We will add you to our list and post it on our website for others in your area to find you and get involved. 





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