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Serve and Share Ministry


Bay Area Outreach Share Events are a way to invite friends and family who don't attend your Fellowship Group to hang out with your Bay Area Outreach family. These events are organized as fun outings, such as movie night, laser tag, miniature golf outing, game night, etc. Whatever fun things your Fellowship Group likes to do, set it up and invite others. The goal is to show them that people who study the Bible can be fun to hang out with. There is no spiritual emphasis other than praying over food if that is part of the outings, but the #1 ingredient should be fun!  As your Fellowship Group gets bigger, you may choose someone to be your fun captain – a person who attracts people because of their outgoing personality. This type of person might be a good person to put in charge of share events, scheduling them every other month or so.


We Experience God's Fulfillment by Helping Others

Galatians 6:2 Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

Most people feel good when they are able to help others.  God created us this way.  
Even in this self-centered secular society, there is an awakening to the needs of a hurting society and a greater intention in addressing those needs; a movement to help the disenfranchised and innocent victims of a broken world.  Outsiders seem to know Jesus wants people to serve the poor, sick, disadvantaged, disenfranchised, and needy people in the world.  
However sin and selfishness often rob us of the joy and satisfaction that come from contributing to the well-being of others -- especially when it becomes a way of life.


Bay Area Outreach Serve Events are a way for us to reach out into our communities and show people the love of Christ. The #1 ingredient we feel is necessary is that the person or people we are serving cannot give anything back to us.  We extend help, love, shelter, whatever is needed, knowing that we will receive nothing in return.  For example, some Fellowship Groups put together bag lunches and necessity bags for the homeless, and then we drive to where the homeless congregate, and we pass them out. We tell them about the love of Jesus while we help supply their physical needs. Some Groups partner with a local shelter or food pantry and provide free help and volunteer work to strengthen that ministry. Find the person in your Fellowship Group with the biggest heart to help others; they might be a good person to put in charge of the serve events, scheduling them every other month or so.

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