Christian Family at Bay Area Outreach

Christian Family at Bay Area Outreach!

The family is so important. And healthy families don't just happen – it takes of lot of intentional time and effort and hard work to be the kind of family God wants!

You might wonder…"Will I fit in at Bay Area Outreach if I do not have the perfect family, or all the answers to life or a firm understanding of God?"

The answers to those questions and more are; Yes, YEs and YES!

God doesn't expect us to be perfect families – Hallelujah!
He does expect us to try each day to be the moms and dads that our kids need. We need to be constantly growing in our relationship with God and actively working on our roles as parents. Bay Area Outreach offers family getaways to help you do that!

No matter what your place in life, you will be able to connect with God and others at Bay Area Outreach Ministries. You will find good company around you. Blended families, traditional families, splintered families and single-parent families can all find refuge, friends and renewed strength from God.

Our family getaways are a mixture of crazy family fun, family and adult worship, just plain silliness, meaningful talks about God and how His Word applies to real life, and did we mention FUN?! There are playful moments with the kids as well as quiet conversations with grown-ups.

We encourage you to bring your family to Bay Area Outreach's Christian Family Camp! We say it's the most awesome weekend ever because it has eternal value for your family. It's a Christian Family Weekend…with everything programmed intentionally to help your family connect with God and each other. It's time for your family to be on a purposeful and crazy fun get away together!

Bay Area Outreach offers a weekend of a "no worries" get away from the distractions back home, to re-connect with family and friends while experiencing Christ's amazing love! Many have called BAOM a youth camp for families in a comfortable setting. The programming ministers to all ages, individuals, and couples, but is designed for families with kids from newborns to teens.

Joyful Service: We recognize that real service is about meeting the real needs of our families. Because Jesus is our model, we want to demonstrate our love for Him in the little opportunities that occur every day. If there's a need, we want to meet it. Our passion is to joyfully serve you in all we do!

Safe & Exciting Activities: Bay Area Outreach has dozens of activities to keep you laughing, climbing, wet, cool, screaming, relaxing, and smiling! You and your family have nothing to worry about, except making memories!

Mission Statement

Bay Area Outreach exists to exalt Jesus Christ, proclaim the Word of God, encourage personal commitment to Christ, share God's work and provide opportunity for physical refreshment and spiritual renewal all the while, restoring the family the way God wants a family to be.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to impact lives and families for Christ by providing individuals and families with the highest standard of Christian programming and Christlike hospitality.

Statement of Faith

We believe the Scriptures to be verbally inspired of God, inerrant in the original writings:

  • In one God, in three persons, Father, Son, Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus Christ, begotten by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary and the foundation of the One True Church.
  • Man has sinned and is thus separated from God.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins, and all who believe in Him are justified.
  • Christ arose from the dead, ascended into heaven and is our High Priest and Advocate there.
  • In the personal and imminent return of Jesus Christ.
  • All who receive the Lord Jesus Christ by faith and baptized in His name, are born again of the Holy Spirit.
  • In the bodily resurrection of the just to eternal life and the unjust to everlasting punishment.


Ready for your family to have the time of their lives? Contact us here at Bay Area Outreach for Family Camp! Family Camp weekend is a great opportunity for you and your family to get recharged after a hectic summer. We will have special Bible studies for children ages 5-12. Experience great music, testimonies, fellowship with other like-minded families, and a variety of activities including trail rides for ages 8 and up, pony rides for younger ones, hayrides, volleyball, swimming, basketball, hikes, campfires, and more. Camping is by tent.


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