Who We Are         

We are a ministry that believes in the fundamental teachings of Christ as it was taught in the original church established by Him. We do not follow any manmade Denominational or Non-Denominational Doctrine that is designed to seperate us from God. We adhere to the Doctrine of Christ. Bay Area Outreach is a private organization that promotes educating the local communities as well as, the citizens of the state of Texas, and the citizens of the United States on what it takes to bring back the family unit in every household. Our activities are centered on what we feel are the most important aspects of our lives, God, Family, Community, Country. Our ministry and our events promote pride, professionalism, patriotism and purpose through a wholesome family environment that has been lost or forgotten over the years.

Why We Are  

Each year, more and more families are suffering due to broken homes, both parents working and can't seem to find the right amount of time for the kid's or family time. Bible study in American households has dwindled to the lowest level ever in our history, and in most households is nonexistent. What this means is, there are fewer and fewer families that hold any type of regular Bible study. Interestingly, polls say that between 75% and 90% of the American population claims to believe in God. So this poses a question, how can so many people believe in God, yet not hold any type of Bible study? Why do people no longer feel the need to fellowship with God when it is neither Biblical nor healthy to opt out of hanging out with God. He wants us to fellowship, he wants us to come together as a family and fellowship with other families to help us in becoming more Christ-like together. We come together as Christians in order to be able to use our God-given gifts and attributes to:

< Serve each other and bond together as a family unit

< Provide accountability for our families and to one another

< Share our faith together, grow together as Christians

Teach others about becoming disciples of Christ

< To meet regularly and encourage each other

It seems clear that God expects us to be the salt and light of this world together as a family. Calling yourself a Christian, but not actively involving yourself in Bible study or fellowship is like calling yourself a football player but not wanting to play for a football team. In order to become good in any profession, no matter what profession it is, requires diligence in study, getting together with others in the same profession and involving yourself with discussion and study groups if you have any ambition of becoming better at your chosen profession. Becoming a Christian requires no less. Fortunately, it doesn't require years of formal education. To become a Christian requires 5 simple steps

1. Belief. You must have a sincere belief that Christ died on the cross for your sins.

2. Faith. Faith that God will never forsake you or turn His back on you.

3. Asking Forgiveness. You must open your heart and sincerely ask His forgiveness, then invite the Lord Jesus in to your heart. This is probably the most important step. You must have a sincere heart. Christ cannot enter a doorway that is shut. A sincere heart is an open heart.

4. Baptism. You must be baptized. Baptism is a way of showing your involvement with the family of God. Jesus said, "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age"

4. Get Involved. Join in a local fellowship group. If you can't find one, start one of your own then invite others to join in the group.

To a large portion of our communities, the local church leaders have drifted far away from what they are called on to do which is, teach the Gospel and Doctrine of the Kingdom of God. Our communities no longer have much trust in the local church leaders and have chosen not to get involved. We have made it our goal to regain that trust. Through our fellowship groups, people have an opportunity to read and understand the Bible their way, thus, building a strong family unit and bond. We invite them to join our discussion groups and expand on what they read. There is NO PREACHING involved with our fellowship groups. Just good, old-fashioned Bible learning. During His ministry, Jesus was never referred to as "Preacher", but was always addressed as "Teacher" because Jesus never preached about the Kingdom of God, he taught about the Kingdom of God, our Father and the many wonderful things waiting for us in God's Kingdom when we follow His plan for salvation.

What is Our Mission

We Experience God's Fulfillment by Helping Others

Even in this self-centered secular environment, there is an awakening to the needs of a hurting society and a greater intention in addressing those needs; a movement to help the disenfranchised and innocent victims of a broken world.  Outsiders seem to know Jesus wants people to serve the poor, sick, disadvantaged, disenfranchised, and needy people in the world.  
Most people feel good when they are able to help others.  God created us this way.  However, sin and selfishness often rob us of the joy and satisfaction that come from contributing to the well-being of others -- especially when it becomes a way of life. Unfortunately, many churches have simply withdrawn from the community.  Most outsiders don't think of the church as crusading the cause of the poor, the sick, or those who don't seem to have it all together.  And people outside the church believe the church is for "church people" and not for them.  This is why we need to take "the ministry" to the community -- being the ministry IN the community -- rather than simply trying to bring outsiders to a church building.  
While today there is a growing search for truth, in many cases it is a search outside the church.  We need, therefore, to perform activities that make a difference in people's lives right where they live. It is the mission of this ministry to help restore the family bonds and show them how they can become a strong family unit, and to grow the number of Disciples of Christ, not increase the size of a congregation. We leverage the power of the internet to help us Spread the Word of God, and to let people know what awaits them in Heaven when they follow the Commands of God!

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